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" BREAKING NEWS: 6th Element Launches Disruptive Technologies That Will Change The World"

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Catch up and stay on top of 6th ELEMENT’s breaking news, latest developments, recent happenings, events and updates.

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Media Coverage


Check out on how 6th ELEMENT has been generating plenty of online buzz and media coverage and stay tuned to our latest press coverage about us and our partners and get the scoop on what we’re up to!

Press Releases


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There is always something new happening at 6th ELEMENT. Read our Press Releases and never miss a thing. 

With our focus on always pushing the envelope for research to create the next breakthroughs, we are constantly challenging the status quo in our offerings to clients, our technology innovation and our approach to open partnership collaboration opportunities.

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6th ELEMENT Media Center

Here you will find our media toolkit, press materials of our products and technologies as well as a list of specialists available for interviews or spokesperson opportunities.

Media Toolkit

Renowned PHD, scientist, and one of the World’s finest authorities on graphene, carbon-based materials and battery expert along with our team of specialists are available for interviews and can share their unique perspectives on a variety of industry topics.


Mr. Guy Benoit - Chief Executive Officer 

Mr. Jean-Louis Bertrand - Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Robert Murray-Smith - Chief Technology Officer 

Mr. Stephen Mills - Director of Operations – UK

Mr. Gary Monaghan – Director of Corporate Communications


If you’re looking for more information about 6th ELEMENT, our Fact Sheet provides an excellent overview of the company, its technology and products. 6th ELEMENT’s Leading Team page also helps you learn more about the many faces behind this first-of-its-kind revolutionary Technology that will change the future of energy.


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Supercapacitors Batteries EV Grid Energy Cells


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