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Reliable, High performance, Economically Competitive and Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

Advanced Solutions


Energy Storage Solutions
The innovative Clean Energy Storage solutions developed by 6th ELEMENT are a result of the integration of our deep knowledge of Advanced Carbon-based materials and processes with market demand trends. 

Our prime motive being to negate existing problems associated with conventional battery and  supercapacitor’s performance, structure, reliability, durability and safety. As a result, we are taking the initial step towards providing innovative Clean Energy storage solutions to the unforeseeable transformation of the Energy landscape that many corporations will need to embrace in order to meet the ever-increasing efficient use of energy along with worldwide efforts to reduce the harmful waste, greenhouse gas emissions and industrialize green energy.

The Power Industry is facing new challenges that have not been seen in 100 years. As consumers become environmentally aware and active power producers who demand clean, reliable, and affordable power, various market sectors will need innovative clean energy storage solutions that can unlock new business models and revenue streams.

An undeniable energy revolution is underway that sees the migration away from fossil fuel energy production to abundant renewable clean forms of energy generation and storage.  In order to meet the ever-increasing efficient use of energy demands, integrate large amounts of variable energy generation as well as meet the ever-increasing growing bottleneck between renewable energy technologies and the electric load demand cycle, new sources of energy storage are needed for the advancement of clean forms of energy to meet their promised potential. Globally, demand for energy storage is being led by advancements in environmentally aware consumers that are gravitating toward clean forms of energy such as wind, solar, electric vehicles, consumer electronics and the escalating number of alternative clean energy projects, which are behind the tidal surge in energy storage demand. 

6th ELEMENT Stands on The Forefront of This New Era of Clean Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation That is Both Transformative and Disruptive.  

Developed through years of extensive in-depth R&D in graphene and founded by a team of scientists, designers, engineers and other key technical contributors of world-leading authorities on advanced carbon chemistry, 6th ELEMENT has produced and tested highly scalable and first-of-its-kind working prototypes Energy Storage Devices (ESD) that compete or exceed on every matrix of performance against lead acid and Lithium-ion based battery chemistries.  

6th ELEMENT is leading the charge to: 

  • Accelerate and pave the way to a better energy future by providing sustainable energy sources for everyone and everything as well as help to reduce, along with worldwide efforts, harmful waste, greenhouse gas emissions and industrialize green energy.
  • Positively change the Global energy paradigm by enhancing energy density, performance and cost by introducing its technology that can rapidly accelerate our shift and its Energy Storage Devices (ESD) that are significantly cost effective owing to the reduction in raw material and manufacturing cost.

The Energy Storage Devices and processes developed by 6th ELEMENT are designed to integrate into existing industry standard manufacturing operations. Simplifying and streamlining an approach that can greatly reduce the cost and timetable normally associated with scalable production for high-volume battery  manufacturing. 

The greatest stumbling block for clean forms of energy generation has always been energy storage. Batteries have become the number one limiting factor in all clean forms of energy applications, In order to facilitate the next generation applications and clean forms of energy generation and storage, an evolutional change in battery chemistry properties is needed! And that’s where we come in…


Applications Sectors


Innovative Opportunities for diverse applications sectors 

The innovative solutions developed by 6th ELEMENT are a result of the integration of our deep knowledge of Advanced Carbon-based materials and processes with market demand trends.

6th ELEMENT provides customers with a range of innovative solutions that are pioneers in sustainability and environmental respect, for the renewable energy generation and storage industry across diverse applications sectors. 

Below is a list of just a few of these diverse applications, with some already in the development stages:

  • Large Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar)
  • Utility and Grid
  • Industrial and Commercial Power 
  • Residential Power
  • Automotive (EV, HEV, PHEV )
  • Aerospace
  • Railway and Urban Transport Electrification 
  • Electrical & Consumer Electronics 
  • And Much More…

From research to commercialization, 6th ELEMENT’s solutions are positioning themselves as a bridge between advanced chemistry science and real-world applications, while linking the gap between the needs of industry and the revolutionary potential of Advanced Carbon-based materials and technology.

6th ELEMENT strives to provide solutions through the processing of Advanced Carbon-based materials for which its potential can be utilized to produce renewable energy generation and storage solutions into viable commercial products for various applications, no matter the geographical location.


Market Ready

Market Ready Applications

We are presently commercializing two cost effective

Energy Efficiency Advanced Carbon-based Energy Storage Devices



The first being a first-of-its-kind High-performance Supercapacitor 






                 The second being a Next-generation Set of Battery Innovations








Ranging from standalone Energy Cells to fully integrated batteries, to High-performance Supercapacitors, 6th ELEMENT's Energy Solutions' technology and customized devices enables unparalleled performance, life, and safety for the most demanding energy storage applications.


Versatile Technology


All our technology adapts to various market sectors to satisfy the most varied requirements when it comes to performance, structure, reliability, durability simplicity, safety and cost. We provide added value to the customized needs demanded by our clients, including several ESD’s that adapt to the complexities of current market demand trends.

In order to accelerate the development of cutting-edge advanced Carbon-based technologies and innovative Clean Energy Storage solutions, our aim is to build long-term business partnerships that truly integrate Clean Energy generation and storage solutions though combined efforts in the creation of innovative products that deliver increased value, exceptional quality and that can achieve the collaboration results that align with strategic vision and goals of both parties.

6th Element is committed to innovative products diversification by offering innovative Clean Energy Storage solutions based on advanced carbon chemistry for various market applications across diverse sectors in order to improve the properties of our clients' components and/or processes on the basis of our broad experience in the application of the Company’s proprietary technology including our electrolyte, Advanced carbon-based nanostructure carbon and graphene compounds, 6th ELEMENT has developed several ESD’s tailored to our clients' needs.



We are looking to explore opportunities and establish Manufacturing partnerships to collaborate with people and corporations around the world to drive new trends through the development of Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based innovative products that deliver increased value solutions to the energy storage landscape.

To learn more about the different ways you can collaborate with us, we invite you to visit our Partnership Program page or contact-us directly by email; we would love to hear from you!  If you have any questions about any of our Technologies, our courteous and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions, to discuss and assist you.