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"'Ranging from standalone energy cells to fully integrated batteries, to high-performance supercapacitors, 6th Element's energy storage solutions and customized devices enables unparalleled performance, lifetime, and safety
for the most demanding energy storage applications.''




6th Element can help grow your business, whatever your specialty or industry.

We design and deploy energy storage resources to meet your energy needs.

You can count on us when it comes to creating and integrating new products into the production process and developing new manufacturing and processing methods. We have a team of committed and highly qualified authorities on graphene, carbon-based materials and battery experts ready to assist you with all kinds of solutions, as well as a team of experienced designers, engineers and other key technical contributors if you need them. 


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Thanks to its incomparable and versatile technology, exclusive chemistry and cell design, 6th Element can supply tailor made solutions to fit many clients' needs, easily implementing them to various market applications across diverse sectors . 

Our technology adapts to the customized needs demanded by our clients to satisfy the most varied requirements and complexities of current market demand trends when it comes to performance, structure, reliability, durability simplicity, safety and cost.


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Build the World of Tomorrow! 

6th Element’s Advanced Carbon-based Technology is leading the charge through combined efforts to produce the next-generation of new products that are pioneers in sustainability and environmental respect for the renewable energy generation and storage industry across diverse applications market sectors. 

Our custom-made solutions can host many market sector applications offering energy providers, commercial and consumers greater energy and cost efficiency, reliability, durability, simplicity, safety and control across the electric grid necessary to transform the Energy Landscape as we know it. 

6th Element's diverse applications, with some already in the development stages:


Large Energy Storage


Renewable Energy


Utility and Grid


Industrial & Commercial 


Residential Power


Electrical Vehicule




Railway & Urban
Transport Electrification


Electrical & Consumer Electronics


''6th Element is committed to create innovative products diversification through Manufacturing Partnerships and by offering Customizable Clean Energy Storage Solutions on the basis of our broad experience in the application of the Company’s proprietary carbon-based and graphene technology in order to improve the properties of our clients' components and/or processes.'' 


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