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Our advanced Engineering enables us to develop a variety of Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based applications to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

Modern Engineering


Our expertise, ongoing scientific research, advanced engineering and design capacity ensure that our Carbon-based Devices are designed and exhaustively tested for energy density, longevity and thermal properties to comply with the requested specifications and meet specific needs of our customers.  

6th ELEMENT designs, makes, and sells Advanced Carbon-based Structured Energy Storage Devices for key market segments of the Power Sector and Energy Storage Industry.

We are presently commercializing two cost effective, energy efficiency Advanced Carbon-based Energy Storage Devices, that can rapidly accelerate our shift to positively change the Global energy paradigm by enhancing energy density, performance and cost.

The first being a highly scalable and first-of-its-kind Supercapacitor and the second being a Next-generation Battery Innovation.


UK Pilot Line


Located in Canterbury, an historic county of Kent, England, Dr. Robert Murray-Smith, a renowned PHD, scientist, and one of the World’s finest authorities on graphene, carbon-based materials and battery expert along with his team of designers, engineers and other key technical contributors has spent many years doing extensive in-depth and development work in graphene. Due to its unique properties and potential impact on interdisciplinary materials research and more recently in the advanced carbon structured energy storage devices to meet ever-increasing efficient use of energy demands. We are making worldwide efforts to reduce harmful waste, greenhouse gas emissions and industrialize green energy.


Canadian Plant


6th ELEMENT’s head offices are based out of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada, a place conducive to innovation, investment, and one of the world's leading role in the technology sector as direct result of its commitment to innovation.

We are currently creating a manufacture blueprint that will allow the acceleration of application research and development by introducing enough batteries for an existing pipeline of customers as well as for future demands. 6th ELEMENT is also servicing several field test modules in varying levels of testing verifications with potential customers for large scale production deployment.



Previously, it was thought too expensive to manufacture Carbon nanostructure or graphene. Now, 6th ELEMENT has discovered a viable process to mass produce carbon nanostructure or graphene inexpensively with other compounds that create, when combined, the unique electrical storage properties of its Energy Storage Devices (ESD’s). 

All it takes are a few easy steps and uses only simple, low-cost, readily available materials that can be found worldwide.  

The method and base component in 6th ELEMENT’s proprietary technology which lead inventor Dr. Robert Murray-Smith has already applied and received a patent for, uses a form of carbon nanostructure derived from different renewable biomass feedstockss like, wood sawdust, pneumatic tires, seaweed, hemp and other fast growing plant species.

Our manufacturing process is innovative, environmentally friendly and has many positive properties, from the economic feasibility, to the possibility for large-scale production with no wastage and no pollution or contamination of the water sources and nasty chemicals.  It is also cost effective which allows production of remarkable quality materials at affordable prices.    




We are looking to establish Manufacturing partnerships to accelerate the commercialisation, drive new trends and push the envelope in respect to cutting-edge development of innovative products of exceptional quality. Bringing unlimited opportunities through Open partnership collaboration that creates best-value solutions and sustainable energy sources to people and corporations around the world that have the desire to invest in a better energy future.

To learn more about the different ways you can collaborate with us, we invite you to visit our Partnership Program page or contact-us directly either by email; We would love to hear from  you! 

If you have any questions about any of our Technologies, our courteous and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions, to discuss and assist you.