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An Innovative Discovery That Will Profoundly Rewire
The Energy Storage Industry

Shifting Moment


The research currently being done on advanced chemistry Energy generation and Storage mainly revolves around trying to change the characteristics of Lithium technology to improve its characteristics. The main themes are to improve Lithium ion to meet and exceed the safety expectations at lower price points.  Some of these new chemistries, which are not commercially available yet, include lithium sulphur, lithium solid-state, next generation flow, and liquid metal batteries. 

With our unique Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and next-generation Advanced Carbon-based Structured Energy Storage Devices (ESD), 6th ELEMENT is on a whole different scale when it comes to performance, structure, reliability, durability simplicity, safety and cost.


Unique Technology


For many years, 6th ELEMENT has been pushing the envelope of research to create the next breakthroughs in respect to developing a Revolutionary, Energy Efficient Technology for the Power Sector and Energy Storage Industry. 

The breakthrough comes in the shape of Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based Energy Cells, Supercapacitors and Batteries that utilize Graphene from waste biomass readily available raw materials with other compounds that create when combined, the unique proprietary electrolyte properties of 6th ELEMENT's disruptive Energy Storage Devices (ESD’s) that will change the face of the Power Sector and Energy Storage Industry by enhancing energy density, performance and cost. A face that has not really been altered for decades.
Our prime motive being to negate existing problems associated with conventional battery and supercapacitor’s performance, structure, reliability, durability and safety. As a result, we are taking the initial step towards adapting to the unforeseeable transformation of the Energy landscape that many corporations will need to embrace in order to meet the ever-increasing efficient use of energy demands, growing bottleneck between renewable energy technologies and the electric load demand cycle, along with worldwide efforts in helping to reduce the harmful waste, greenhouse gas emissions and industrialize green energy. 

6th ELEMENT's exponential energy efficiency Technology breakthrough in its Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based Energy Storage Devices, capacity and cost will bulldoze the limitations to adopting renewable energy on a massive scale, be a potent weapon to fight climate change and forcefully reshape the Energy landscape around the world.

Energy & Storage


Battery, Supercapacitors and Energy Storage are currently under intense investigation and development due to the desperate need for low cost, environmentally friendly, high-power, and safe operating devices.

Despite recent advances with electrode materials and electrolytes, translations of new systems into practical applications are scarce and the existing commercialized battery technologies (NiMH, NiCd, NiZn, Li-Ion and Pb-acid) have not had any serious competition until now.
With our unique chemistry and cell design, 6
th ELEMENT has developed two robust, cost effective, high power and high energy density, Carbon-based Energy Storage Devices: The first being a highly scalable and first-of-its-kind Supercapacitor and the second being a Next-generation Battery Innovation.

Our energy efficiency Technology utilizes a graphene advanced carbon nanostructure to maximize energy density in volume due to its unique properties and potential environmental impact, considering they're made from low-cost readily available materials that can be found worldwide.

The base component in 6th ELEMENT's proprietary technology is a form of carbon nanostructure derived from different renewable biomass readily available raw materials; wood sawdust, pneumatic tires, seaweed, hemp and other fast growing plant species. 

6th ELEMENT then designs Advanced Carbon-based Electrical Energy Storage Devices (ESD) that utilize carbon nanostructure or graphene with other compounds that create, when combined, unique electrical storage properties of its ESD’s. 

Both use water as the electrolyte solvent making them inherently safe in operation and the electrolyte salts are common commodity chemicals that are regarded as inherently safe. 

The stackable cell design allows for devices of any voltage to be constructed and the unique chemistry does away with the need for cell balancing as it has an internal self-balancing mechanism that protects the individual cells in the battery from overcharging damage. 6th ELEMENT’s devices are F based. Being metal free and carbon based allows the devices to be constructed anywhere in the world with no choke point on supply of raw materials, freeing 6th ELEMENT’s devices from the constraints of scarcity, price fluctuation and conflict. 

The carbon-based construction means that the end-of-life disposal is benign to the environment with little or no metallic and chemical reclamation needed. 

Value differentiation


6th ELEMENT’s Advanced Carbon-based Structured Supercapacitor and Battery have significant advantages on what is presently available on the market, not just against current lithium technologies but the old workhorse of the battery industry, lead acid. While lithium is closely reaching its theoretical thresholds of its maximum potential to store energy without a significant breakthrough, Advanced Carbon structured energy storage is only now becoming a hotly contested arena for the future of energy storage.


More than 60% of battery performance lies in the structure. Searching for exotic chemistries can lead to interesting and high powered devices, but serious limitations exist with these approaches including, cost, capitalization, acceptance and scarcity of material and performance reliability. Structuring an energy storage device based on an Advanced Carbon-based structured chemistry insures to deliver advancements beyond the limitations of existing battery architecture.


6th ELEMENT’s  Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and next-generation Advanced Carbon-based structured chemistry are on a whole different scale than others of a comparable nature in respect to the energy density that occur in Lithium ion and surpasses those of lead acid.  Our unique chemistry and energy efficiency Technology actually exceeds Lithium Ion in density per volume comparisons. There are no heating issues with the battery chemistry and the technology is robust while at the same time benign to the environment upon disposal. Our unique chemistry and energy efficiency Technology allows for a faster charge and for cycles that exceed 10,000. Priced at or just below lead acid, our unique Technology Innovation is suited for large scale adoption into many vertical markets applications.


Superior Performance against current Lithium Ion Chemistry is about Power Density, Load Demand and Recharge-ability. 6th ELEMENT’s Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and next-generation Advanced Carbon-based Structured Chemistry offer exceptional advantages to Lithium energy storage technologies by offering superior load response for high demand power. Lithium batteries are dependent upon the speed of chemical reactions which limits immediate power delivery and reliability. Our Technology Innovation is not solely dependent upon chemical reactions to deliver instantaneous power.

Another amazing property of our Advanced Carbon-based Energy Storage Devices is the incredible recharge rates of the architecture.  Depending on the power source, the Battery can be fully charged in a few minutes versus hours. This type of battery could, eventually, lead to fully charging an electric vehicle in less than 5 minutes while simultaneously providing travel distances greater than 805 Km (500 miles) on a full charge.

In a straight forward comparison, the Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and Next-generation Advanced Chemistry Carbon-based Structured Energy Storage Devices (ESD) are shown, in Company lab tests, to hold over 1.7x the charge per gram of material than lithium ion. This by itself is a significant advancement, however, 6th ELEMENT has already begun work on Generation 2 and 3 Green Energy Cells that are approaching 4x charge densities with only a fractional increase in raw material cost.  


Our Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and next-generation Advanced Chemistry Carbon-based Structured Energy Storage Devices (ESD) use simplified manufacturing processes that do not require clean-room environments or the use of toxic or hazardous elements. Because the advanced Carbon structured substrates and electrolytes are non-volatile carbon-based, non-toxic and water-based, the processing conditions can be far more relaxed, leading to the ability to utilize standard printing equipment under non-clean room conditions. Conditions, that are also ideal for commercializing a process that produces industrial-scale volumes that are far more cost competitive than other mass energy storage technologies currently in the market.

Amazing Properties


Our Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and Next-Generation Advanced Carbon-based Structured Energy Storage Devices (ESD) have a number of valuable and unique properties, including:


  • 100% Pure Carbon 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • NO fossil fuels
  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Availability of components parts
  • Helping to wean the world off oil and gas


  • Safe, Reliable & Durable
  • Smaller size
  • Never Heats up & Fire Proof
  • Quick charging
  • Long term Power storage
  • Low cost production 
  • Affordably priced 
  • High performance
  • Range performance of 805 Km (500 miles)on a single charge
  • Powers High demand energy needs
  • 10,000 Cycle count
  • Tolerance -40 c /+40 Celsius


  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Extremely strong (100 times stronger than steel per unit of weight) but unlike steel, it’s Flexible, Superconductive and six times lighter, flexible & Versatile
  • Seemingly impermeable to most gases and liquids

Our Advanced Carbon-based Structured Technology and Energy Storage Devices (ESD) are priceless but it is not a matter of cost –The value lies in its potential.

When applied to products, these properties provide tremendous advantages.  Today, 6th ELEMENT has developed several products and processes across diverse sectors, and our team continues to explore creative new applications.