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It's teamwork that makes the dream work


The Team


Renowned Ph.D, scientist, and one of the World’s finest authorities on graphene, carbon-based materials and battery expert along with a team of designers, engineers and other key technical contributors are behind this first-of-its-kind revolutionary Technology that will change the future of energy for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Guy Benoit - Chief Executive Officer

Guy has a double academic background. The first is in engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal and the second in law from the Université de Montréal.

In his early days, Guy worked at Hydro Quebec as an engineer in the field of power lines, including the engineering of a 735,000 volt line in the James Bay complex. Subsequently, with a background in law, Guy worked as a lawyer in various litigation cases at Stikeman Elliot.

Guy, back at Hydro-Québec for the Technology and International Affairs Group (TAI Group), wrote the <Policy on Industrial Property> (Resolution HA-424-193 / 91) adopted by the Board of Directors of Hydro-Québec. Guy was also touring Hydro-Québec's various research and development units to make researchers aware of the importance of protecting Hydro-Québec's Industrial Property. He has written a guide for this purpose. Finally, for over 20 years, Guy negotiated for Hydro-Québec, Hydro-Québec International (Brazil, Costa Rica, France) and the Université de Sherbrooke, many technology transfers in various fields (software, telecommunications, geomatics, instrumentation, electrochemistry, chemistry ...) whether in the form of a license or business start-up.


Jean-Louis Bertrand - Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Louis Bertrand has more than 30 years of experience as a director and project leader in all aspects of technology, in both software and hardware.

During his career, Jean-Louis has demonstrated the effectiveness of his innovative spirit, his strong analytical abilities and his understanding of technology in numerous fields. Under his direction, Jean-Louis has developed successful and recognized products in many areas of technology including; multiple algorithms for collision engine, physics engine, A.I. for automatic stereoscopic imaging and rendering engines used in high-end software for the field of special effects in high budget projects.

Jean-Louis has also directed and developed optical technologies, electronic devices (dongle), circuit boards including an image processor. In the field of manufacturing, Jean-Louis has directed and developed the assembly line for manufacturing one of the first real-time electric motion base for simulators.

Jean-Louis’ latest projects include Carbon Nanotube sensor technology integrated into floor tiles for the retail industry. This systems is low cost, effective, simple to implement, maintain and reliable. It gathers user data such as; the shape, position, direction and weight of individual’s shoes or feet. A complimentary system of shelves is linked to this data set. It detects the amount, shape, weight and position of the products they hold.

His combined experience in these technology fields is the driving force behind the development and marketing efforts of the 6th Element brand.



Robert Murray-Smith - Chief Technology Officer

Robert Murray-Smith is a renowned Ph.D and scientist who wrote his Ph.D Thesis Titled: Dynamic simulations of carbons and carbon composite materials at South Hampton University in 1989.

Since that time, Robert has gone on to become one of the World’s finest authorities on graphene and carbon based materials. Robert has held several top positions such as Research Officer for Imperial Chemical Industries Pl. Senior Research Officer at Sutton Chemicals in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Robert has also developed mechanical testing methods for carbon fiber based polymer composites for the aerospace, military and general consumer applications.

Although Robert spent many years researching the many extraordinary properties of Graphene as an energy storage device, he came to the conclusion that the  scarcity  of  Graphene  would  cause  several  problems  trying  to  mass produce batteries. The advanced multi- layered carbon based battery that Robert and his team have produced has a higher performance as Graphene without the challenges of scarcity, production and cost challenges.



Stephen Mills - Director of Operations – UK

Steve Mills is an engineer with over 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience. Since 2014, Steve was the co-founder of FWG Ltd, a UK based developer and manufacturer of Graphene-based Bio-plastics, conductive inks and electrical storage devices.

Since 2004 he has worked, primarily, as an independent consultant, business owner and inventor. Steve has particular expertise in operations and has done some extensive work on Graphene - based Bio - plastics. From bullet proof plastics to fire proof plastics to plastics that won't be rejected by the body in medical procedures, Steve has invented these and these will be explored more thoroughly in our laboratory in days to come. Current focus for the company is the battery and the successful launch of the various battery phases.

Steve is in charge of UK operations where the battery pilot production line, moving to a more fully automated plant this year will benefit greatly from Steve's experience and engineering skill set.


Gary Monaghan – Director of Corporate Communications

Gary has private, public and corporate senior management experience, with a focus on marketing. He has over 30 years senior management experience in the communications industry.

Marketing Manager for Rogers Communications Calgary, Regional Marketing Manager for the Interior of BC for Shaw Communications, President for MDU Communications, President and CEO of Ultimate Viewer Multimedia and President and CEO of 3One Media Corp. He was the President and founder of MDU Communications International, Inc. (OTC: BB MDTV) from September 1998 to May 2001.

Gary negotiated the sale of the Canadian Operations to Shaw Direct for $10 Million CDN in 2001. Gary developed a software product through Ultimate Viewer, raising about 1 Million in the private company and then sold the company to 3 One Media Corp where an additional 4 Million was raised for a Broadband over Powerline initiative. In August of 2011, Gary stepped into the role of CEO for UC Resources Ltd. He successfully negotiated the sale of the company’s McFaulds Project to a subsidiary of Cliffs Natural Resources for 6 Million CDN.



Key People and Spokesperson
Our team of specialists are available for interviews and can share their unique perspectives on a variety of industry topics.


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