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Building relationships and finding opportunities

Business Partnership


In order to accelerate the development of our cutting-edge Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based Technologies, our aim is to build long-term business partnerships that truly integrate Innovative Clean Energy Storage Solutions through combined efforts in the creation of Innovative new products that deliver increased value, that are cost effective, energy efficient and that can achieve the collaboration results that align with strategic vision and goals of both parties.



Because we understand the complexities of converting an opportunity into a successful project, a complete Carbon-based graphene industry chain is being formed, from raw materials, preparation and product development and design to downstream market ready product applications with a unique versatility in its offering due to vertically integrated business model from graphene production to final components for OEMs.

It is not a matter of if energy storage will play a significant role in the future of the power sector but when. 6th ELEMENT is actively involved in this space and is considering potential investments.

Why invest with us


Around the world, organizations are discovering the many benefits of partnering with 6th ELEMENT to accomplish far more than what might be possible working alone. Be among the first that partake in the long-term vision pioneered by 6th ELEMENT and take the initial step towards adapting to the unforeseeable transformation of the Energy landscape that many corporations will need to embrace to survive.

Invest in the future


As mentioned, it is not a matter of if Energy Storage will play a significant role in the future of the Power Sector but when. 6th ELEMENT is actively involved in this space and is considering potential investments. 

Multiple disparate trends are forcefully reshaping the Energy landscape around the world. Climate change and energy concerns are compelling governments to provide subsidies and incentives for investments in the clean energy industry. 

As the Power Sector and Energy Storage Industry transforms, technologies advance, industries converge, consumption patterns change, environmental concerns increase, and “prosumers” emerge, and leading industry corporations must innovate and evolve to deal with the disruptions. 

Pricing, advances in technology and attention to improving resilience and regulatory pressures also means that corporations in established markets have little margin of error when it comes to making the right decisions to properly position themselves in this Shape-Shifting Moment.

Future opportunities


These disruptions and emerging trends will directly impact corporations operating model by fostering an opportunity for rapid industry expansion and innovation. Organisations need to take this as an opportunity to explore market opportunities for the future and adopt new ways of creating, thinking and working with energy technologies in order to take advantage and benefit from these new challenges that the future of energy holds.

The lion’s share of profit growth will come from an unbeatable competitive advantage and higher sales. But beyond standing out from the competition and selling more, corporations will be changing the industry in more fundamental ways. Market drivers that are powering rapid storage industry growth are already changing the Energy paradigm. We now have cost effective energy storage systems proven as modular, scalable, adaptable, safe, and reliable grid resources.

With this in mind, this is why the best time to start investing in Energy Storage is right now! The sooner you put your dollars to work, the more you'll benefit in the long run.

You don't have to be a clean power advocate to appreciate the return on investment. For those whom can appreciate and are seeking to invest in the future, there are many options. For more information Contact Us.